Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

"Nikki Peters is very professional and caring. Great company to work with."
"KELLY DETH ROCKS! We would highly recommend StoneCrest Properties. Kelly Deth was informative and helpful, prompt and organized."
"Thank you Kelly for all you did for us. I definitely recommend you to all my family & friends."
"From start to end, Kelly was there."
"Kelly was awesome to work with!"
"During the entire process...from listing our home...to the day of closing...our level of comfort & confidence in our REALTOR was never wavering. Thanks Nikki!!"
"Kelly made it so easy to deal with this purchase. She was great!"
"Kelly was very knowledgeable, pleasant and caring.  Always available when needed."
"Best agency around. No one else I recommend for a REALTOR."
"You make selling a home so easy and enjoyable."
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